Monochrome – if you want to tell a story


Monochrome images have the power to evoke more reaction from the viewer – why?

In this article we can explore the use of Black and White as a medium for conveying the experience of pitting man against nature, the challenges and rewards.

Day 1
Photo Kit

Olympus OMD E-M10 mk2

Olympus 40-150 f4-56 Lens

No tripod

Leather Chamois to keep lens dry

Weather proof easy access bag

Day 2
Outdoor Kit


Warm ‘layers’ to adjust your temperature

Good boots and gaiters

Food and drink

Warm hat and gloves

Comfortable rucksack

First Aid kit

Map, Compass and ability to use them

Torch and whistle

Follow the MRC guidance for walkers>>


  • Set off early - allow time for your photography and beat other walkers on to the hill
  • Make sure you can stay warm and dry
  • Ensure you are confident with map reading and navigation
  • Take a torch, whistle and map
  • Let people know where you are going
  • If you need help on the 3 peaks: call 999 and ask for the Police (not an ambulance). Tell the Police where you are and ask for Mountain Rescue. Stay where your phone remains in contact so that the rescue team can call you back.


  • Don't underestimate the conditions or daylight
  • Although signals are generally good, don't rely on a mobile phone
  • Don't fail to consider the light directions and plan ahead

The whole walk lies within the Yorkshire Dales National Park and uses public rights of way, the higher fells being open access with the right-to-roam.

  • 6.6 miles (10.6 Km)
  • 3 – 4 hours
  • Use sat Nav BD24 0HF
  • Grid Reference for start SD 807 726
  • Height 2,277 feet (694 m)

On a dry summers day the heat and the pull up Pen-y-ghent will be your main concerns, while the same walk in spring or autumn can bring sudden changes to the weather which can challenge any hill walker. In winter Pen-y-ghent can be a challenging undertaking in winter conditions.

From a photography point of view this walk covers a mass of opportunities with panoramic views of the 3 Peaks. However on this occasion, aided by the flat light and overcast sky I chose to use Black and White to accentuate the scenery and to convey the experience as a whole.

The 3 Peaks are a popular destination for both experienced and inexperienced hill walkers.
Bear in mind that wide, unspoiled wilderness can be hard to find on a busy weekend.

Using B&W accentuates the feeling of exposure and drama.

penygent map

faq 1

Do mobile phones work in the area

I know that EE and Vodafone work well generally, however there are black spots

Is this route open to people with disabilities?

The steep section on the ascent from Brackenbottom is a rocky scramble, however walking up Vicarage Lane is achievable with difficulty.

Are there guides who can take us on the walk?

Yes. I am happy providing photographic guiding and can provide professional mountain guides

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Monochrome – if you want to tell a story

Trip Facts

  • Pen-Y-Ghent | Yorkshire Dales
  • Cold but dry |
    Low / Flat light |
    Short depth of field |
    400 – 1000 ISO